Jamestown Area

JAMESTOWN is where we began. Today, the area is divided into 2 distinct areas. Historic Jamestown is the actual location of the historic Jamestown. It was here that Captain John Smith set up the first encampment that ultimately became known as Jamestown. It is a protected area where the first permanent English settlement in North America was established.

The other area is known as the Jamestown Settlement. Located just up the road from the Historic Jamestown, the Jamestown Settlement is a state-operated museum with a recreated Jamestown fort, Powhatan Indian village and 3 replica ships docked in the river.


Cannon at Historic Jamestowne along the James River

HISTORIC JAMESTOWN is part of the National Park Service and is open to the public with a small admission. That admission gains visitors entrance to the museum and artifacts, the actual Jamestowne historic site, as well as the Colonial Parkway (a one-way loop around the pennisula).

The visitor center has a short film that gives a good over-view as well as displays . Leading out from the Visitor Center is a long elevated walkway to the Tercential Monument, the 1607 Fort James site as well as viewing roped archeological digs that are an ongoing part of the historic site. A small cafe is also along the river bank.

Entrance to Jamestown Settlement MuseumJAMESTOWN SETTLEMENT is a state operated museum that includes an authentic Powhatan Native Village, 3 - 16th Century ocean going vessels that visitors can board as they're docked to a pier jutting out into the James River. There is also a recreated Fort James that has informed interpreters and authentic looking artifacts that visitors can handle.

Flagship Susan Constant Powhatan Lodge Interior English Armor


Preservation Virginia

Archaeological Dig at Historic Jamestowne The Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project is part of the larger Preservation Virginia organization. It has began an extensive excavation of the the 1607 James Fort. To date, the archaeologists have uncovered much of the fortification that was thought to have been lost of the years to shoreline erosion. More than a million artifacts have also been recovered from the historic site.


If you're a history buff, then you'll probably want to see both the Historic Jamestowne and the Jamestowne Settlement. Both require separate admissions. However, if you plan your visit and see Yorktown Battlefield and the Yorktown Victory Park, you can get a break on admission charges. Admission to Historic Jamestowne will also gain you admission to Yorktown Battlefield National Park as long as you visit both within a few days of each other; just keep your receipt. If you visit the Jamestown Settlement, you'll also gain admission to the the Yorktown Victory Center.

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